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15000bph OPP Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine Wrap Around Adhesive

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 set Packaging Details : Standard Wooden Case for Export
Delivery Time : 30 work days Payment Terms : T/T
Supply Ability : 100 Units/ month
Place of Origin: Wuxi,China Brand Name: SICI AUTO
Certification: CE Model Number: XQ-1208S-D-R

Detail Information

Name: Hot Melt Sticker Labeling Machine Application: Berverage, Drinks Bottles
Available Product: Bottles Function: Labeling
Label Type: OPP Hot Melt Glue Label Label Qty: One
Label Position: Wrap-around Speed: 15000BPH
Option: Coding, Printing...etc.
High Light:

15000bph bottle sticker labeling machine


OPP bottle sticker labeling machine


Wrap around adhesive labeling machine

Product Description

Drinks Bottles Hot Melt Glue OPP Labeling Machine/ Speed 15000BPH

  • Product Description

Rotation Type Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine is suitable for labeling before and after filling, including round bottles, square bottles, oval bottles and other special-shaped bottles. It has the advantages of high design precision, rotary design, compact structure, beautiful appearance, strict processing requirements, meticulous assembly, good machine running stability at high speed, low glue consumption, and low running cost of bottles and labels.

  • Product Application

1. Use hot-melt adhesive to paste the wrap-around label;
2. Use hot melt adhesive to paste local labels;
3. The hot melt adhesive labeling machine can be applied to the positioning and labeling of special-shaped bottles such as square bottles;
4. Can be used for labeling before or after filling;
5. Rotary hot melt adhesive labeling machine can be applied to paper, PET, OPP, BOPP and other material labels;
6. It can be used for labeling of PET, glass, metal and other bottle types.

  • Technical Parameter
Labeling machine Length3350mm (labeling machine conveyor length 3000mm;accept custom according to customer’s conveyor)
Labeling machine size3350mm(L) X 3050mm(W) X 2400mm(H)
Conveyor height1150±50mm(accept custom according to customer’s conveyor
Conveyor speed:40m/Min(accept custom according to customer’s conveyor)
Speed adjustable Methodcontinuously variable
Label out Max. speed100m/Min
Labeling Max. Speedround bottle speed 15000B/H (ajustable according to production status)
Labeling precision±1mm
Product sizeCustomer provide bottle samples (labeling after filling)
Label width Max.(height)145mm (standard height,can accept design according to bottle size,this machine made according 165mm)
Label Length Max.300mm
Label outer diameter Max.600mm
Label roll inner dia.152mm
Labeling gluehot melt ,only glue two ends of label
Gluing temperature120~160℃
Label typeOPP film label, paper plastic composite film label, paper label
Labeling stationsLabeling stations
Labeling molds Qtyaccording to bottle size provided
Labeling product typeRound bottle
Power supply380VAC 3P+N+PE 50 Hz
Equipment weightabout 3500kgs
  • Labeling Principle

15000bph OPP Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine Wrap Around Adhesive 0
The rotary hot melt adhesive labeling machine automatically controls the operation and reading (low, medium, high, stop) of the labeling machine through the detection point set on the conveyor chain in the bottle feeding direction, and transfers the bottle to the rotary mechanism through the screw, The labeling machine starts automatic operation after receiving the bottle feeding signal fed back by the detection device. After the label passes through the tensioning mechanism and the rectifier, it enters the label cutting mechanism to cut the label into the required length. The cut labels are transferred to the labeling mechanism through vacuum adsorption, and the rotating labeling mechanism turns over the gluing mechanism, and pastes the hot-melt adhesive labels on both ends, and sticks them on the bottle of the rotary mechanism. The labeling process is completed after the bottle with the label is brushed flat by the labeler. At the same time, the running speed of the equipment (stop or run) is controlled through the detection point set by the bottle outlet chain.

  • Product Features

1. This model is suitable for the circumferential labeling of OPP film, pearl film, paper-plastic composite film, paper label, etc. on cylindrical containers such as round, square and flat. Because of the use of non-dimensional materials, the printing pattern of the label will not be deformed. , to ensure the aesthetics of product packaging, and also greatly reduce the cost of packaging materials.
2. It is suitable for hot melt adhesive labeling of plastic bottles, glass bottles and metal cans in washing, beverage, mineral water, food and other industries.
3. Using Schneider servo motor and Schneider PLC control, easy operation, stable and reliable operation.
4. Imported deviation correction system is perfectly combined with advanced gluing system and vacuum drum to ensure high labeling accuracy. Apply glue only on both ends of the label to reduce the amount of glue used to save costs.
5. Synchronous gear transmission system, and the use of screw and star wheel to cooperate with the bottle in and out, to ensure smooth and stable product in and out when running at high speed.
6. The production speed can reach 18,000 bottles/hour, and it can be connected with the high-speed filling line, which greatly improves the production speed and saves the production cost. Labeling process: bottle feeding → positioning → detection → label cutting → label suction → stocking → labeling → label support → bottle out.

  • Product protection function

Power Supply Monitoring: When the power supply appears over-voltage, under-voltage, missing phase, phase fault, cut off the main circuit and alarm, to prevent electrical components damage.
Safety protection: The equipment is forbidden to run and start when the protective door is opened. The emergency stop switch can be pressed to prevent injury to people
Label Status: When the label is used up, slow down and wait for the alarm prompt, remind to change the label. When the abnormal tension of the label ,the machine stop and alarm, reduce the label stretch on the cutting accuracy. When the color label detection continuous loss, cutting label deviation is too large when the machine stop and alarm to reduce non-conforming products.
Glue Detection: When the glue temperature does not reach the melting value, the equipment is forbidden to start, to prevent the damage of the equipment, when the glue temperature exceeds the upper limit, the probe opens the circuit, the heater breaks the circuit, stop heating and stop and alarm, when the glue box liquid level is low, the glue is about to run out when the alarm prompt and delay to slow down standby.
Warning of missing label: When there is a missing label, the device slows down to stop & alarm, to prevent cutting the label drum glue, reduce the downtime.
Material Control: When the bottle feeding end lack bottles or bottles plug in outside, the equipment slow down standby, standby indicator light prompt, automatically resume production speed after the release the state.
Components Monitoring: When the servo drive, frequency conversion drive failure, control power short circuit,the device shutdown alarm.
Air Pressure Detection: When the air pressure can not meet the production requirements of equipment, equipment shutdown protection to prevent the production of defective products
Material clogging: When the main turntable, feed screw, in and out of the bottle star wheel clogging occurs Cottonwood failure shutdown alarm.

  • Product Samples

15000bph OPP Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine Wrap Around Adhesive 1

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