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How to Choose Cartoning Machine

September 10, 2018

Latest company news about How to Choose Cartoning Machine

How to Choose Cartoning Machine

How to choose cartoning machine/box packing machine? Cartoning machine/box packing machine is an essential part in end-of-line packing equipment. It’s widely used for different industries, like cosmetics, food, skin care, commodity, healty care, pharmaceutical industries, etc. But there are many different cartoning machines, how to choose the most suitable model for your product?

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According to the structure, it can be divided into horizontal cartoning machine and vertical cartoning machine. Our XQ-VC160 and XQ-LSZH50 are vertical cartoning machine, vertical cartoning machine can be used for the product needs to pack with special liner (like perfume, cream or essential oil), the liner and product can be put into box by hand. XQ-LSZH50 also can customized to pack product or leaflet automatically, but XQ-VC160 just can be packed by hand. XQ-ZH100 and XQ-ZH120 are horizontal type cartoning machine, these two pack product and leaflet automatically, but it can’t pack the product which with special liner.


According to working type can be divided into CAM type cartoning machine, chain type cartoning machine. XQ-ZH120 is CAM type cartoning machine, XQ-ZH100 is chain type cartoning machine. CAM type cartoning machine has the advantages of compact and simple structure, it needs small space, suitable for nascent factory; but it has the disadvantage of can’t be used for different kinds product, like that the cream and eyebrow pencil can’t use one machine. Chain type cartoning machine needs more space than CAM cartoning machine, but it can be used for different kind product, it’s multi-function general cartoning machine.


According to performance can be divided into continuous cartoning machine and intermittent cartoning machine. Continuous cartoning machine also is horizontal cartoning machine, it has very fast speed, it’s more suitable for pharmaceutical factory which has high requirements with speed, it can reach about 180-200pcs/min, but it’s price also is expensive. Intermittent cartoning machine has lower speed than continuous cartoning machine, it can reach about 75pcs/min. Commonly, cosmetics and skin care factory more like intermittent cartoning machine, because they have too much size product, XQ-ZH100 is more cost effective for their product.

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